Preise und Auszeichnungen
Young Investigator Award
Joint Meeting of the 11th Meeting of the International Association of Pancreatology and the 35th Meeting of the Japan Pancreas Society July 11-14, 2004, Sendai, Japan

Alsfasser G, Warshaw AL, Thayer SP, Antoniu B, Laposata M, Lewandrowski KB, Fernandez-del Castillo F
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Eingereicht zu Annals of Surgery 2004

Alsfasser G, Antoniu B, Thayer SP, Warshaw AL, Fernandez-del Castillo C
Degradation and Inactivation of Plasma TNFa by Pancreatic Proteases in Experimental Acute Pancreatitis
Angenommen zur Veröffentlichung in Pancreatology 2004

Fernandez-del-Castillo C, Alsfasser G
Are cytokines the cause of distant organ injury in acute pancreatitis?
Surgery 2003 Nov; 134(5): 846-7

Alsfasser G, Gock M, Herzog L, Gebhard MM, Herfarth Ch, Klar E, Schmidt J
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Digestive Diseases and Sciences 2002; 147(8):1793-9

Vauthey JN, Chaoui A, Do KA,
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Surgery, Mai 2000;127(5):512-9